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Gay Sissy Maids

Monday, November 28th, 2011

Feminized boys trained as sissy maids and pimped out to other men? It happens!

“I met this little tramp down at the bar one night last week and took him straight home for some fun. He was dressed as such a naughty little tart that I wasted no time in bending him over and fucking his ass for half the night! He’s now my sissy maid and sweet boy love – and he cooks too!”

Want to see some sweet Gay Sissy Maids being fucked and used by their big dick masters?

Many a Dominatrix has gotten rich by feminizing boys and pimping them out to her male clients a sweet sissy maids, would YOU like one?

Or to BE ONE?

Mistress Kale
(Sissy training expert)

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Forced Gay Sissy Gallery

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

Like a sweet pretty boy in panties and female clothing?

“Jonny was just a little boy when he was feminized into a sissy by a cruel Mother and sold into the service of a rich gay man. He soon became a favorite cock whore of his new master and spends many a hour riding the big nine-inch cock of his male boss! Sweet and obedient, he is content and happy being the boy love of a well-hung stud…”

Just a bit of hot boy love in this Forced Gay Sissy Gallery we have for you to enjoy today!

Boys in panties! SWEET!

(I feminize boys for rich gays)

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Cuckold Sissy Pimped

Friday, January 7th, 2011

He was the one that cheated first, but his wife soon remedied THAT!

Turned into a cuckold sissy maid and pimped out to any cock that wanted a sweet feminized male to fuck….it’s HOT!

And VERY profitable!

“After Roger had been properly feminzied, I hired him out as a sweet sissy boy toy to all the men in the area. I often take him to the truck stop up on the highway and allow the truckers to have their way with him…for a price! It’s actually pays QUITE nicely!”

(I pimped my sissy husband)

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Wives Who Dominate And Humiliate

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

So, you think your wife is kind of bitchy and bossy….but you’ve never experienced the shame of being under the thumb of Wives Who Dominate And Humiliate their husbands in a perverted variety of BDSM ways!

“”I really get off hearing my husband SCREAM with pain as I bind his limp little cock or twist his balls into a fucking pretzel! You should hear my husband Jason HOWL like a bitch when I make him get in this position and then use my leather paddle to slap his hairy balls till they’re stinging, blazing red and totally swollen….

Once I even tied him to the bedpost and kicked his nut sack repeatedly till he passed out! THAT was fun!”


(Making mush of hubbie’s balls)

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Husband’s Forced Womanhood Gallery

Sunday, November 14th, 2010

Married and humiliated? YOU NEED TO BE!

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When a married man gets under the grip of a dominant bitch wife, who knows what will happen….it’ll just be SICK!

“”I think these look nice on you” Margo said as she adjusted the one piece bra and panties lingerie she had cross dressed her husband in this evening “Your heels look good too. I think my guests will enjoy having a sweet sissy maid to entertain them after we have supper, don’t you?”

What her husband didn’t know was she planned on donning the strap on and doing his asshole a few times before the guests even got there! She wanted him well-stretched and ready to take a black cock or two up his ass…”

Enjoy the fun of this Husband’s Forced Womanhood Gallery and learn how truly cruel a wife can be!

(Married and wearing the cock)

Men Made To Act Like Cock Hungry Sluts!
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Dominant Bitch Wife Gallery

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

Is your wife a real bossy slut?

Is she as BAD and CRUEL as some of the married women in Dominant Bitch Wife Gallery we have today?

“”My husband John had confessed to me that sometimes he liked to masturbate to gay porn on the web while I was at work. The bastard! Here I’m working my ass off trying to put food on the table and he’s stroking his cock to pictures of boys fucking other boys in the ass.

I soon decided to cure that! If he wants to watch cocks, I’d make him into a sissy bitch and he can SUCK them while I watch!

It was then I began his daily program of sissy training and forced male feminization and shame….”


(A bitch in control of her man)

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SIssy Panty Husbands

Monday, July 19th, 2010

When I decided to feminize and sissify my own husband, I did it strictly to amuse me and PUNISH him…

But when my female friends heard about it they FLOCKED to me to learn the way of male feminization and panty humiliation so they could practice the fine art on THEIR men…

And from THERE we became a group of women dedicated to making sissies out of married men (and sometimes naughty boys) who now do it full time for our and other’s enjoyment!

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Panty Shame For Husbands Who Must OBEY!

“Males in panties is both a shame and delight – but to who and under what circumstances is to be determined by the Mistress!”

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Sissy Mobile

Monday, July 12th, 2010

Got an iPhone, Droid or any type of handheld device that can browse the net?

….and you’re looking for some hot sissy feminization and male humiliation porn???

Then skip over to Sissy Mobile and enjoy the forced cross dressing and feminization fun!

“What do you MEAN you’re not going to wear the panties and suck cock? You WILL if I say SO!”

Mistress Taz
(I make boys into girls and pimp them out to rich men)

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