Husband’s Forced Womanhood Gallery

Married and humiliated? YOU NEED TO BE!

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When a married man gets under the grip of a dominant bitch wife, who knows what will happen….it’ll just be SICK!

“”I think these look nice on you” Margo said as she adjusted the one piece bra and panties lingerie she had cross dressed her husband in this evening “Your heels look good too. I think my guests will enjoy having a sweet sissy maid to entertain them after we have supper, don’t you?”

What her husband didn’t know was she planned on donning the strap on and doing his asshole a few times before the guests even got there! She wanted him well-stretched and ready to take a black cock or two up his ass…”

Enjoy the fun of this Husband’s Forced Womanhood Gallery and learn how truly cruel a wife can be!

(Married and wearing the cock)

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