Wife Rapes Sissy Husband Gallery

Sound’s like this married gal has things well in hand…

“After sissy suck training her newly feminized husband, Maxine decided the time had come to give him the ass raping he so rightly deserved. “Lay on your back!” she screamed as she pushed him back and yanked his stocking-clad legs into the air “I’m going to stretch your bunghole good and HARD!” She grabbed the shaft of her big red strap on and starting forcing it into his tight virgin asshole. “NOOOOOOO!” he yelled “IT HURRRRTTTTS!” But his wife only rammed it deeper and deeper! He felt as though he was going to be split in TWO by her repeated thrusting…”

It’s all for you to enjoy in this wife rapes sissy husband gallery we selected for you today at CuckoldSissyMaid.Com!

He’ll soon learn to LOVE IT, right? LOL!

“Listen, you’re just going to have to learn to be a good sissy from now on and I’ll stop raping you!”

(I bugger men and boys with my trusty strapon)

Feminized And Completely Humiliated!
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Men Become Sissy Maids And MORE!

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