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Cheating Wife Cuckold Sex Stories Volume One

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

Everyone’s favorite BDSM Femdom author Mistress Femme has just released volume one of her new series “Cheating Wife Cuckold Sex Stories” and it’s XXX HOT!

Cheating Wife Cuckold Sex Stories By Mistress Femme
Cuckolding Short Stories

Tales of humiliated husband’s feminized and punked out as sissy bitches by their cheating slut wives huge black bull, fat lazy husbands shamed by their wives hot Latin studs, stinging small penis humiliation as an adulterous wife makes her husband compare his cock to her lovers and MORE! It’s a kinky cheating wife cuckold sex fest and you’re invited!

Grab a copy today and see why Mistress Femme has become one of the most read erotic authors today!

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A Letter From A Cuckold

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

Recently my wife, Doreen, confronted me with the fact that she’s been carrying on an illicit sexual relationship with another man. Although disturbing, it didn’t come as very much of a surprise, because lately she had grown cold and not very interested in my affections.

A Black Bull?

But the thing that really shocked me was when she told me I would have to now make room in our marriage for what she termed her “black bull”.

I had no idea what she meant, so I looked it up online and do you know what I found? A black bull is the name given to a wife’s male lover who is also dominant and a Negro! She said that her bull would now be taking care of her in the bedroom, and if I did not mind my manners and behave myself, she would let him put me in panties and anally rape me!

What kind of sickness is this? Do married women really behave like this nowadays?

Confused, I went and talked to our preacher about my situation and he said that it was definitely the work of the devil and that I should resist with all my might. The question I have is, I still love my wife, but what should I do? There is no way in hell I am going to have sex with some huge black man while she watches! All of my online research into women who cuckold, as it’s called, seems to indicate that the man somehow is sexually aroused by this situation, but I just can’t see it. Maybe I’m old-fashioned but the idea of watching my wife she has sex with some strange guy, no matter what color, is not something I find particularly sexually arousing. And so I’ve decided to seek the aid of a marital therapist to see what I can do about changing her mind, although my wife is a very headstrong and obstinate personality.

I ask you, what would you do?

Mr. Winky
[proud Southern male]

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Black Bi Cuckolding #8

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Many a white husband has fallen to the big black cock!

All My Cucks SUCK!
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Black Bi Cuckolding #8

Just how much do you love your wife? Would you suck off her big black bull if she demanded it? You MIGHT be surprised how much YOU love it!

Married To A Cheating Bitch

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

My husband Jerry called me a cheating bitch – ONCE!

After that he found himself put into little black thong panties and tied to the wall in our basement for a good whipping and flogging!

And that was just for warm ups before I invited my black boyfriend over to shove his HUGE ten inch cock down poor Jerry’s throat! HA!

cuckold sissy maid picture
“I Love Forced Feminization For Males, Don’t YOU?”

Yeah, I forced him to suck off my “black bull” (love that term) and that wasn’t all!

My boyfriend had a pal who just got out of prison and had a thing for “white sissy bitches” so we invited him over to have his way with Jerry while we fucked on the couch and watched!

My cuck husband got put in his place THAT night I can tell you – he even started crying when he had to spread his ass cheeks and let that huge ex-con bugger his ass and pull his hair! LOVED IT!

(Married and cuckolding)

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Cuckold Sissy Maid sex story copyright CuckoldSissyMaid.Com. All rights reserved.

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Cuckold Sessions 4 Wimp Husbands

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Cheating wives KNOW their husbands are wimps!

Forced To Listen As I Fuck My Black Bull In Front Of YOU!
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White wimps marred to cheating BITCHES!

Cuckold Sessions – Wimpy Husbands

Whiteboys watch in terror as their nasty wives get their holes packed with black meat! Wimps one and all because they’re FORCED to watch!

Humiliated Cum Eating Cuckolds

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

Does THIS sound like the intimate love of a happy marital relationship?

“The coup de grace comes when she lets her black savage ejaculate inside her, then positions her pussy over your face and says: “Swallow every drop, Sweetie!” If the cuckold husband refuses, she then has her black bull lover rape his ass and shoot his giant hot sticky load down the poor husband’s throat!”

Would you like to share the shame of these Humiliated Cum Eating Cuckolds at the hands of their cheating slut wives?

WHOA! Now THAT”S a cheating bitch of a wife at work! GO GIRL!

(I cheat and he eats)

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Cuckolded, Forced And Humiliated By The Wife

Monday, November 14th, 2011

What man would marry a cheating slut who enjoys doing THIS kind of thing to her husband?

“I got so brazen with cuckolding him that I even FORCED him to perform oral sex on my black lover! He would be on his knees with tears streaming down his face as that huge black cock pumped in and out of his mouth! I would stand there and give him instructions on the “proper” way to suck a man’s cock to orgasm…and he DID it! What a fucking wimp!”

That’s just PART of what happens when you’re Cuckolded, Forced And Humiliated By The Wife in ways that would make a proud man CRY!

Married and happy? Not for long!

(Married and cheating the way it should be)

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Black Bulls And White Cuckold Sissies

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

When the wife wants to cheat, she makes it even MORE humiliating by bringing home the biggest black cock she can find….and forcing her husband to watch…AND MORE!

“You’ll squirm as a cheating slut wife fucks her husband’s father first, then giggle as a towering giant of a man washes his wife’s pussy for her date. Share the white guilt of a cuck as he kowtows to his wife’s black date like a true white cuckold sissy…”

See how Black Bulls And White Cuckold Sissies makes for an exciting and KINKY sexual combination!

Go, girl!

(I cheat and cuckold without shame)

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