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Dominant Wife Spanks Husband

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Being married for a more than a few years, a woman learns to accept some of her husband’s faults and flaws.

But one thing I will NOT tolerate is a man who disses his wife in public and makes fun of her to his friends!

And when I caught my husband Tom boasting that he was the man of the house and I did whatever he said, it was time to do something about it – so I spanked him!

cuckold sissy maid picture
“Women Spanking Men Is The Natural Order Of Things!”

And not just some playful slapping on the butt, no, I invited my mother over, stripped Tom naked and put him across my lap for an ass burning that had him in tears for an hour!

He begged me not to do it in front of my mother, but she was there to make sure he knew that the WOMEN run this house and not him!

Next time I told him, if he does it again I’m going to buy a strapon and fuck him in the ass in front of her too! And leave the front curtains open so the neighbors can see!

(Dominant wife and damn good cook)

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I Cheat And Force My Husband To Watch

Saturday, December 17th, 2011

One of the BEST things about being a dominant bitch, is that even my husband gets “the treatment”, hehe….

And what do I like to do?

Why, cheat and force him to watch, of course!

After I started bringing men home to fuck, I decided to force my husband to watch us in a variety of sexual activities… first he cried and BEGGED me not to shame him so, but soon he grew silent and did as I told him. The turning point came when I made him wear my panties and high heels and kneel at the foot of the bed as my lovers and I cavorted before his teary eyes.

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But it didn’t stop there, no way, I soon demanded he suck the big black cock of my lover Nigel – and the little sissy bitch DID IT! And the sick thing? I think he liked it! Soon he was wearing female clothing and actually ASKING me when I was going to bring home another man for him to suck!

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So, ladies, if you’re bored with your husband, don’t divorce him, feminize him and deal him some stinging cuckold shame – it’s fun! What wife would NOT want to see her bossy or worthless husband down on his knees sucking a man’s cock while dressed as a sissy? That will teach the lazy bastard!

(Cheating and feminized my passions)

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My Sweet Sissy Husband

Saturday, December 10th, 2011

When you meet a dominant wife, you just KNOW her husband has to be submissive and obedient…

“I really take a delight in seeing the way my sweet sissy husband has become such an obedient and submissive “girl”. He even helps me buckle on my strapon when I tell him it’s time for a little cock training so he learns the proper way to please a man or women by being a good little bitch. He now takes pride in being a sissy husband and does EVERYTHING he can to please me, his wife!”

See how My Sweet Sissy Husband does his chores and takes a strapon up the bum when ever I’m in the mood!

Ride’em, Girls!

Mistress E.
(I feminize males)

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Cucky Gets To Watch

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

When the wife is sexually dominant, ANYTHING can happen!

“We decided it would be a hoot to make my husband Gary watch us, thinking maybe he would get the idea of how it’s done. But no, he still couldn’t get it up, so now Steve and I dress him as a little sissy bitch and make him kneel by the bed. His job is to hand Steve a condom upon command, and clean my ass out with his tongue when we’re done having anal sex…”

Just the scene from down under when Cucky Gets To Watch his bitch wife cheat!

That’s the way it’s done!

(Married and cheating like a madwoman)

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Sissy Trained By His Wife

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

Does the wife wear the pants in your house? Does she also wear the cock? And make YOU wear the panties?

“In their marriage things soon turned out QUITE differently for him when Gina dragged her husband upstairs by the hair, forced him into a pair of sheer pantyhose and a frilly smock! He kicked and struggled, but his dominant wife soon had him in heels too! What came next would shock anyone who knows the story….”

When a husband gets Sissy Trained By His Wife the tears might flow, but she’s going to have him under her thumb and feminized anyway she can!

That’s right, girls!

(Feminizing males and raping their tails)

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He Is Spanked By His Wife

Monday, February 14th, 2011

When you’re married to a dominant wife, you can be sure she’ll punish and humiliate you at the drop of a hat. And speaking of dropping something, this married tart thinks nothing of dropping her husband’s trousers and spanking his bare bottom with a variety of implements….

“I invited my sister over to watch me discipline my husband. When he saw she was going to be watching me put him across my lap and spank him he started crying. GOOD! The more shame and humiliation that bastard feels, the better! I might be cruel but a spanked husband is an obedient husband!”

Watch how He Is Spanked By His Wife and made to feel the sting and shame of her awful wrath!

Serves him right!

(I spank my husband too)

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Husbands Receive Sissy Training Gallery

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

When dominant women get married, they often take the reins in the marriage and force their mate to “adapt” to new sexual norms…

Like some of the antics in this Husbands Receive Sissy Training Gallery we have for you today!

“Jennifer had become fascinated with training her husband as a sissy ever since she had read an article on “Submissive Male Womanhood” on the net one night. Her mother had always told her that all men were closet homos and she had come to believe it, especially after she found out her husband Jim had once let a transvestite suck him off while on shore leave in the Navy.

It was something that strangely aroused her and she forced him to relive it time and time again for her perverted sexual amusement…”


(A wife you makes her husband cross dress and suck cock)

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Dominant Bitch Wife Gallery

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

Is your wife a real bossy slut?

Is she as BAD and CRUEL as some of the married women in Dominant Bitch Wife Gallery we have today?

“”My husband John had confessed to me that sometimes he liked to masturbate to gay porn on the web while I was at work. The bastard! Here I’m working my ass off trying to put food on the table and he’s stroking his cock to pictures of boys fucking other boys in the ass.

I soon decided to cure that! If he wants to watch cocks, I’d make him into a sissy bitch and he can SUCK them while I watch!

It was then I began his daily program of sissy training and forced male feminization and shame….”


(A bitch in control of her man)

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