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Wives Sissy Training Husbands Gallery

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Want to watch a bunch of married women feminizing and humiliating their mates?

Then this Wives Sissy Training Husbands Gallery should be just the ticked to forced cuckold and feminized maid fun!

“Gina was a sexually dominant woman who liked to get kinky, to say the least! She had talked with some of her Dominatrix friends and they had told her about how much fun THEY had force feminizing the husbands of rich and powerful female clients.

Many of these men were made to wear panties and suck black cock as their society wives watched and sipped tea….”

Sounds like fun!


(Married to a panty wearing sissy maid)

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Her Degraded Sissy Maid

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

This has always been a favorite around here…

While this dominant wife has her feminized husband trussed up, she forces him to take female hormones, get giant breast implants and masturbate to gay porn until he looks like a beautiful sissy maid….and her submissive slave. She then forces him to suck another man’s big cock while she watches and laughs. After constant bondage and humiliation, she finally decides to bring in a horny gay stud to fuck his virgin asshole and get fucked like a proper cuckold sissy maid should!

This is one bitch you DON’T want to make mad!

“Let’s see how much you want to cheat on me after I force you to suck cock!”

Mistress H.
(I train sissy boys for rich men to buy and abuse)

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Punished By My Wife

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

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Mistress Anna is VERY unhappy with her husband Arthur and calls on Goddess Helena to help her double team him – with total sexual humiliation and degradation punishments! The two tall, slim Dominas perform a traditional discipline scene on the poor helpless fellow (after putting him in thong panties like a good sissfied bitch husband) they us ALL the great femdom BDSM tricks a nasty dominant wife and Mistress can think of – OTK, bare handed spanking, paddling, bondage, shoe gag, and tons of VERBAL humiliation are just PART of the fun when you watch these clips from punished by my wife and revel in his total subjection and humiliation!

“Get your little girly panties down and get across my lap NOW!”

Mistress Anna
(I help married women humiliate their worthless husbands)

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Pantyhose Sissy Husband Gallery

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

How about a gallery featuring a dominant wife who makes her husband wear pantyhose only to then pull them down and bugger his stinging asshole without mercy?

Sound a treat?


pantyhose sissy husband picture
I Like Taking Your Pantyhose Down To Fuck You!

It took her some time to get her husband properly feminized and accustomed to the idea of being a sissy bitch, but after some tears and wailing, she’s now got him VERY well trained and obedient – now she’s going to move to the next level – breaking his ass cherry and getting him able to handle her big strapon (and ultimately her lover’s big black cock) up his tight asshole….

We wish her good!

….stop screaming and get your pantyhose on, my guests are almost here!

(Married to a sissy)

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Fucking A Virgin Sissy

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

When Nora (a self-confessed “dominant wife”) decided that she liked her new husband feminized and turned into a sissy maid, she knew it was not going to be an easy task. She had to train him to cross dress, be meek and obedient – and especially teach him to suck cock and offer up his virgin ass to her friends at the kinky sex parties she liked to attend!

(And where she planned on showing him off as her latest creation)

fucking a virgin sissy picture
That Little Sissy Asshole IS Tight, But I’ll Fix That!

The poor girl spent weeks properly ass breaking her newly feminized husband with a strapon, but after countless hours of buggering him (and dealing with his constant crying and pathetic begging) she did it! He now prances about happily shaking his ass in front of other men and even recently completed his first all anal black male sissy gang bang!

Yes, fucking a virgin sissy takes a bit of work, but it’s worth it in the end! (no pun intended!)

Mistress Tia
(A woman who likes her men in panties)

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Enslaved Sissy Maid

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

This sissy maid video is about a betrayed wife who finds out her dirtbag husband has been cheating on her. She gets so mad that she ties him up and informs him that she will get even and make him find out what it feels like to be humiliated and embarrassed like she has been. She slowly, through bondage and sexual punishment, turns him into her obedient sissy slave to be humiliated in all kinds of degrading and debasing ways. While he’s tied up, she forces him to take hormones, get breast implants until he looks like a beautiful sissy she-male slave!

His now sexually dominant wife then forces him to suck a cock while bound, then to get hard for her so she can have fantastic sex in front of her new bound up sissy slave. With constant bondage she finally brings in an man to break his tight little cherry asshole and get fucked like the sissy maid husband wimp trash he is!


Not only turned into a cuckold sissy maid, but also feminized into a shemale? That’s GOT to be a new record! You go, GIRL!

Mistress Kendra
(A woman with a strapon who loves to hear her men squeal)

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