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Panty Sissy Ass Slave

Friday, November 6th, 2009

This fat cuck of a husband has been neatly turned into a cock loving panty sissy ass slave by his bitch of a wife….

She even has contracted to have him sold into sexual slavery at the local prison, there to be the white prison bitch of the meanest and most violent black and latino gang members!


Because she likes to watch him forced to suck and take cock up the ass! His moans and screams as he is violently ass raped by the prisoners turns her on! IS that so wrong? LOL!

cuckold wife picture
I Think A Black Cock Up This Chubby Ass Would BE Delicious!

Would you want YOUR wife to dress you as a sissy fag and then sell your virgin ass to the highest bidder? I bet you WOULD!

All married men secretly desire to become sweet prison bitches!

…or at least THEY SHOULD!

(Married to a sweet sissy cock whore of a man)

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