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Feminized Sissy Maid Gets The Rubber Cock

Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

Isn’t marriage a divine institution?

” …Finally, she went all out and made him into her feminized maid and took great pleasure in making him do chores and clean up around their house. But secretly she wanted to see him further degraded and humiliated…and she knew JUST the way to do it!”

Rectum wrecking fun and frolics when this sweet and VERY pretty Feminized Sissy Maid Gets The Rubber Cock and is ridden hard by his bitch wife!

What would YOU do if you came home from work and found your pretty young wife waiting for you by the door wearing a strapon?

(I wear the cock in MY house)

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Feminized As A Sissy Maid By A Cheating Wife

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Not only do I cheat on my loser husband, I feminized him and pimped his virgin ass out to gay guys down at the docks. They LOVE having a sissy maid to play with and I make some decent money!

He’s actually kind of pretty in his sissy maid outfit, I almost feel bad about making him suck cock, but that’s the way it is! Married and cheating is a blast and if he has to shed a few tears (and suck a few cocks) too fucking bad! He should of been born with a bigger dick and the ability to make me the money I deserve!

(Married bitch and proud of it)

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Cucky Gets A Party

Monday, March 7th, 2011

What are some of the day’s amusements when these Mistresses throw a party for the cucky husbands they’ve been assigned to humiliate?

“”Mistress Mandi produces a condom containing her boyfriend’s cum and they cut the tip and feed it to the bound husband. The ladies proceed to torment his cock and nipples and then he is moved to the bench and fastened face up. Mistress Amber fastens many small weights to his balls which are bound with a locked steel ring. Mistress Mandi smothers him and crops his nipples before taking her turn between his legs to torture his cock. One of his birthday presents turns out to be a new toilet brush which they use to fuck his cock with between the sharp bristles….”

Youch! Seems that’s ONE party we’d like to miss…..unless it was OUR husband, hehe…

Mrs.H. and Mrs.K.
(Love to make cucky wince)

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Cuckold Sissy Pimped

Friday, January 7th, 2011

He was the one that cheated first, but his wife soon remedied THAT!

Turned into a cuckold sissy maid and pimped out to any cock that wanted a sweet feminized male to fuck….it’s HOT!

And VERY profitable!

“After Roger had been properly feminzied, I hired him out as a sweet sissy boy toy to all the men in the area. I often take him to the truck stop up on the highway and allow the truckers to have their way with him…for a price! It’s actually pays QUITE nicely!”

(I pimped my sissy husband)

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Sissy Pushed To The Limit

Friday, April 16th, 2010

Should couples work together?

How about if she is the boss and keeps her husband about as a transvestite secretary she continually sexually harrasses and humiliates?

“…She would berate and scold him for the littlest transgression, even going so far as to lift his skirt and check wether or not he was wearing the sissy panties she had laid out for him every day. “Are you dressed like a good little girl today, Mark?” she would sneer “Let’s see if you’re wearing the panties I bought for your birthday!”

Watch him feminized as a Sissy Pushed To The Limit and forced to take a strapon up the ass!

“Come sit on my lap and take some notes, hehe…”

Mistress Darna
(I have a couple of sissy male secretaries actually)

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Black Bull Cuckold

Saturday, February 13th, 2010

Just what is a “Black Bull Cuckold” you ask with a grin?

It’s when a dominant cheating wife takes a huge black lover and between forcing her husband to watch, making him lick up the “leftovers” and cross dress as a sissy and sexually service her new man, informs the world that he is now the wretched interracially humiliated cuck!

That usually brings on the tears full force! LOL!

“Now quit squealing and take Tryone’s cock ALL the way up your ass!”

(Made my husband suck off my new black lover like a sweet sissy prison bitch!)

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Strapon Feminized Husband Gallery

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

When this lovely dominant wife had decided she was tired of listening to her husband bitch and moan about everything under the sun, she settled on the best way to make a male behave….she fucked his butt with a strapon and sent him squealing to his room with a stinging well-stretched anus!

Buggered the bastard right and proper she did!

strapon feminized husband picture
I’m Going To Shove My Strapon Right Up That Tight Little Hole!

“Take down your trousers, dear and bend over the table” she commanded “I’m going to use a little bit of lube on your butthole first. Don’t want you waking the children with your screams, now do we?”

Poor guy! Married to a bitch and fucked like one too! LOL!

You GO girl! All husbands need to feel the thrust of a woman’s big rubber cock up their virgin assholes at least ONCE in a marriage, right? Keeps them on the straight and narrow…and educated as to WHO is in charge!

…quit crying and get used to it, your ass is MINE!

(A sodomizer of married men)

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Fucking A Virgin Sissy

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

When Nora (a self-confessed “dominant wife”) decided that she liked her new husband feminized and turned into a sissy maid, she knew it was not going to be an easy task. She had to train him to cross dress, be meek and obedient – and especially teach him to suck cock and offer up his virgin ass to her friends at the kinky sex parties she liked to attend!

(And where she planned on showing him off as her latest creation)

fucking a virgin sissy picture
That Little Sissy Asshole IS Tight, But I’ll Fix That!

The poor girl spent weeks properly ass breaking her newly feminized husband with a strapon, but after countless hours of buggering him (and dealing with his constant crying and pathetic begging) she did it! He now prances about happily shaking his ass in front of other men and even recently completed his first all anal black male sissy gang bang!

Yes, fucking a virgin sissy takes a bit of work, but it’s worth it in the end! (no pun intended!)

Mistress Tia
(A woman who likes her men in panties)

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