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Feminized And Cuckolded By My Slut Wife

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

Why wife Bertha is a total cheating slut and whore! Why do I say such a thing?

She Cheated With A Big Black Felon

Yep! She met him online for some stupid charity auction she was doing. He was in jail for murdering some guy and was about to get out. They started to email and text each other and when he got out on parole she met him at some shitty motel and slept with him! She even told me about it the next day! Saying he was a REAL man with a huge cock and I was just a small penis loser who she was tired of fucking.

I was crushed, but what she did next absolutely stole my manhood!

She Forced Me To Suck Cock

That’s right! Without telling me she invited her black con to the house for a little “play time” with her, and when he saw me there she told him I was a white power supporter and said all black men were apes. The bitch! I never said such a horrible thing!

He got so incensed he beat me up and then she said she wanted to see me suck his big black cock so she allowed him to grab me by the hair and force his huge penis into my mouth! I tried to stop it, but he was too strong for him and all he said was “This is how I punk those white sissy bitches in the pen!”. It tasted horrible when he ejaculated all over my face and into my mouth – insisting that I open my mouth and “Gobble that black cock gravy like a good prison bitch!”

Now I’m Their Sissy Male Maid

But that wasn’t the end of it, oh no! They forced me to put on my wife’s panties and high heels and serve them drinks while they fucked on the couch right in front of me. He said “Watch me bust your wife’s ass cherry, bitch, just like I’m going to do to YOU!” I was terrified of what he might do so all I could manage to say was “Yes, sir”. I had to sit there and watch him have anal sex with my wife – who LOVED IT!

Now I’m forced to serve them as a sissy male maid and the nights she’s at work are just a sexual terror for me! This huge black felon has moved into our house and when ever she is not there he makes me sexually service him in the most disgusting and perverted manners! He even makes me squat when I pee and leave the door open so he can watch and jerk off.

What should I do?

signed – a cuckolded husband

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Married To A Cheating Bitch

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

My husband Jerry called me a cheating bitch – ONCE!

After that he found himself put into little black thong panties and tied to the wall in our basement for a good whipping and flogging!

And that was just for warm ups before I invited my black boyfriend over to shove his HUGE ten inch cock down poor Jerry’s throat! HA!

cuckold sissy maid picture
“I Love Forced Feminization For Males, Don’t YOU?”

Yeah, I forced him to suck off my “black bull” (love that term) and that wasn’t all!

My boyfriend had a pal who just got out of prison and had a thing for “white sissy bitches” so we invited him over to have his way with Jerry while we fucked on the couch and watched!

My cuck husband got put in his place THAT night I can tell you – he even started crying when he had to spread his ass cheeks and let that huge ex-con bugger his ass and pull his hair! LOVED IT!

(Married and cuckolding)

Cuckold Mistress Porn That SIZZLES!

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I Cheat And Force My Husband To Watch

Saturday, December 17th, 2011

One of the BEST things about being a dominant bitch, is that even my husband gets “the treatment”, hehe….

And what do I like to do?

Why, cheat and force him to watch, of course!

After I started bringing men home to fuck, I decided to force my husband to watch us in a variety of sexual activities… first he cried and BEGGED me not to shame him so, but soon he grew silent and did as I told him. The turning point came when I made him wear my panties and high heels and kneel at the foot of the bed as my lovers and I cavorted before his teary eyes.

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But it didn’t stop there, no way, I soon demanded he suck the big black cock of my lover Nigel – and the little sissy bitch DID IT! And the sick thing? I think he liked it! Soon he was wearing female clothing and actually ASKING me when I was going to bring home another man for him to suck!

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So, ladies, if you’re bored with your husband, don’t divorce him, feminize him and deal him some stinging cuckold shame – it’s fun! What wife would NOT want to see her bossy or worthless husband down on his knees sucking a man’s cock while dressed as a sissy? That will teach the lazy bastard!

(Cheating and feminized my passions)

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My Sweet Sissy Husband

Saturday, December 10th, 2011

When you meet a dominant wife, you just KNOW her husband has to be submissive and obedient…

“I really take a delight in seeing the way my sweet sissy husband has become such an obedient and submissive “girl”. He even helps me buckle on my strapon when I tell him it’s time for a little cock training so he learns the proper way to please a man or women by being a good little bitch. He now takes pride in being a sissy husband and does EVERYTHING he can to please me, his wife!”

See how My Sweet Sissy Husband does his chores and takes a strapon up the bum when ever I’m in the mood!

Ride’em, Girls!

Mistress E.
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Girls Who Butt Fuck Boys

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

Sometimes girls like to strap on a rubber cock and bugger boys like little sissy bitches:

“Curious amateur guys get to find out what it’s like having a huge dildo shoved in their ass by beautiful but cruel sexually dominating bitches. All New guys never before on camera! 5 guys seduced into testing out having a dildo shoved in their asses for the first time. Sounds good in fantasy but when these sluts strapon the cock, someone’s asshole is going to BURN!”

Want to see some Girls Who Butt Fuck Boys and make them squeal?

Hardcore rubber cock friction!

Mistress G.
(Strapped and ready)

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How To Pimp Your Sissy

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

Not only do many cheating wives forced their husbands to watch, but many feminize them and pimp them out as sissy maids and sex slaves to other men! Can you imagine?

“I needed some cash for a new car, so I took my husband, feminized him and pimped his cuckold sissy ass out to gay men down at the truck stop. You should see the little slut having to suck off all the big nasty truckers as they line up and wait their turn. It’s great, I make the cash and he sucks cock all day long until I allow him to come home. Sissy pimping is awesome!”

Go gal!

(I pimp the cuck)

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Feminized And Made Into A Sissy

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Need tips on how to feminize and sissify your husband, ladies? And remember, you can also feminize him for cash!

This petite dominating bitch calls out to her male slave and soon takes control of the situation, making him lick her boots and using her strapon to rape his ass. Finally two males are told to cross dress and get in drag for the Mistress. Seeing each other dressed in this fashion makes the guys curious and before long they’re pleasuring each other’s cocks as the Mistress watches and instructs!

“Now, take out his cock and suck it. Get down on your knees, reach into your own panties and stroke your little sissy cock!”

Do it, SLUTS!

Mistress S.
(Sissy trainer)

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SIssy Panty Husbands

Monday, July 19th, 2010

When I decided to feminize and sissify my own husband, I did it strictly to amuse me and PUNISH him…

But when my female friends heard about it they FLOCKED to me to learn the way of male feminization and panty humiliation so they could practice the fine art on THEIR men…

And from THERE we became a group of women dedicated to making sissies out of married men (and sometimes naughty boys) who now do it full time for our and other’s enjoyment!

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Panty Shame For Husbands Who Must OBEY!

“Males in panties is both a shame and delight – but to who and under what circumstances is to be determined by the Mistress!”

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