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Black Bi Cuckolding #8

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Many a white husband has fallen to the big black cock!

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Black Bi Cuckolding #8

Just how much do you love your wife? Would you suck off her big black bull if she demanded it? You MIGHT be surprised how much YOU love it!

Bitch Wife Cheats And Cuckolds

Friday, March 16th, 2012

I had gained a little weight since marrying my husband, and did he refer to me as a “BBW”? HELL NO – he called me a fat lazy bitch!

So you know what I did?

I went right out and got me the BIGGEST black lover I could find and brought him home to teach my husband a lesson in respect!

cuckold sissy maid picture
“Cuckolding A Man Properly Is A True Feminine SKILL!”


I forced him to suck cock, that’s how! Well, not me, Tyrone held a gun to his head and said “You best be getting down on that fat black cock, white boy or your brains going to be all over the wall!”

HA! That showed the little fucker not to call me names!

And now we’re thinking of making Chuck (my husband) wear a little sissy maid uniform all the time and answer to the name “Cuck Sucker” LOL!

(Plump and satisfied at last)

Women Raping Men In The Ass!

Cuckold Sissy Maid sex story copyright CuckoldSissyMaid.Com. All rights reserved.

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Humiliated Cum Eating Cuckolds

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

Does THIS sound like the intimate love of a happy marital relationship?

“The coup de grace comes when she lets her black savage ejaculate inside her, then positions her pussy over your face and says: “Swallow every drop, Sweetie!” If the cuckold husband refuses, she then has her black bull lover rape his ass and shoot his giant hot sticky load down the poor husband’s throat!”

Would you like to share the shame of these Humiliated Cum Eating Cuckolds at the hands of their cheating slut wives?

WHOA! Now THAT”S a cheating bitch of a wife at work! GO GIRL!

(I cheat and he eats)

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Cuckolded And Feminized

Saturday, August 6th, 2011

When the wife decides she REALLY wants to cuckold and feminize her husband, she doesn’t fuck around….

First she makes him take female hormones, then forces him to get breast implants, and finally makes him pimp out his ass as a sissy cock bitch! Talk about cruel! This dominant wife enslaves her husband as a cock sucking sissy and pimps him out for her amusement – now THAT’S cold!

“He now sucks cock and is VERY tame and docile, just like a sissy husband should be!”

Tell him, baby!

Mistress F.
(Married and rich from pimping sissies)

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Cuckold Forced To Suck

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

When his cheating wife tired of bringing lovers home and forcing him to watch, she decided she needed something EXTRA to get her off…solution? Hire a Mistress and pay her to force her cuckold husband to suck cock in the dungeon!

“The Mistress commands her male cuck slaves to partake in different submissive activities. There is some bootlicking, forced blowjobs being given, caning, whipping and other stuff. Watch as the Mistress teaches this captive husband what it means to SUFFER with a dick on his mouth!”

It’s a mouthful of slave dick when Mistress gets you and makes you a Cuckold Forced To Suck and sexually satisfy another man!


Mistress D.
(Love watching me forced to suck)

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Her Cucky Husband’s Shame

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

This sounds kinda kinky….

” I got so brazen with cuckolding him that I even FORCED him to perform oral sex on my lover!

He would be on his knees with tears streaming down his face as that huge black cock pumped in and out of his mouth! I would stand there and give him instructions on the “proper” way to suck a man’s cock to orgasm.

He would cry and beg me not to take pictures, but I told him I wanted to let my girlfriends see what having a cock-sucking cucky husband was really about, LOL…”

Want to share in some of Her Cucky Husband’s Shame and humiliation?

(Pimping hubby to a big black bull)

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Forced To Suck Bi Extravaganza #4

Saturday, December 11th, 2010

Many husbands have secrets but who would admit to having their cheating slut wife forcing them to suck cock?

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Forced Bi Extravaganza Suckfest!

These poor, humiliated husbands have been cheated on, and now they’re forced to suck cock to keep the ones they love. Watch as these cheating slut wives make their husbands suck big dicks and choke down loads of hot jizz – and LAUGH!

Forced Cum Eating Cuckolds #16

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Her husband not only has to watch her cheat, he has to clean up afterward!

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Forced Cum Eating Cuckolds In Shame

Humiliation is totally a matter of perspective, but when these cucky husbands are forced to eat cum and hot dripping cream pies from their cheating slut wives big black lovers, it’s downright SICK and TWISTED!