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How To Pimp Your Sissy

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

Not only do many cheating wives forced their husbands to watch, but many feminize them and pimp them out as sissy maids and sex slaves to other men! Can you imagine?

“I needed some cash for a new car, so I took my husband, feminized him and pimped his cuckold sissy ass out to gay men down at the truck stop. You should see the little slut having to suck off all the big nasty truckers as they line up and wait their turn. It’s great, I make the cash and he sucks cock all day long until I allow him to come home. Sissy pimping is awesome!”

Go gal!

(I pimp the cuck)

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Dominant Wife Transvestite Husband Gallery

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

This is woman who knows what she wants and how to make her sissy husband earn the cash to buy it!

“… They had been married for three years and it was an unspoken rule in the house that Steve was now the junior feminine partner in the marriage and very much had to obey and satisfy his dominant wife. And Doreen took no shit from ANY man! She had decided to feminize and make her husband into a transvestite – and then pimp him out for other men’s sexual pleasure at the local pubs and dirty highway truck stops!…”

Just part of the delicious sexual humiliation and feminization to be found in this Dominant Wife Transvestite Husband Gallery we have for you today!

Mistress Harriet
(Married and in charge)

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More Sissy Pimping

Sunday, February 7th, 2010

I love watching women turn men into sissy cock whores and then pimp their asses out for a good sum!

Here the lovely Miss Dita (a feminizing fan’s favorite) turns proud male James into “Jade”, a sissy cock whore who is then properly trained to suck and fuck like a good little sissy slut! Later, Jade is sent out to a cheap hotel to practice what she learned with a real dude and bring home the money!

Now that’s some good sissy fun!

And a great way for a lady to make a few extra dollars off her man…

“Make sure you get the cash up front before you suck his cock!”

(I want to pimp my husband out as a sissy but he’s fat and disgusting)

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