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Girls Raped His Asshole

Monday, September 20th, 2010

This guys was your typical loud mouth jock type – always going on about how cool he was and how many women he had bedded……but then something happened that shut him up for good!

What was it, you ask?

Well, a bunch of lovely ladies from his office invited him out one night for a drink, got him tipsy, took him home and proceeded to bugger the bejesus out of his clenching virgin anus! LOL!

Yep! A bunch of Girls Raped His Asshole with their strapons! Taking turns and demanding he give it up time and time again – just like some sodomized sissy prison bitch!

“Now we’ll see how much of a man you are! Spread those ass cheeks and bend over, bitch!”

Miss Nadia
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Shemale In His Ass

Monday, August 24th, 2009

How many studs have been fooled by a beautiful T-girl, only to later find themselves upstairs in bed with a shemale in his ass, hmmm?

Like this guy getting ass banged by one here:

shemale in his ass picture
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He’s clenching his ass cheeks as tight as he can but THAT’S going to stop this lovely shemale girl from sticking her eight-inch dick straight up his burning anus! Bet she’s got that tight little bunghole of his just SMOKING from that hot cock friction! From the contorted look on his face, it seems the idea of being sodomized and feminized by a tranny might not of been on top of his “to do” list! LOL!

Take it, baby, you KNOW you WANT IT!

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