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Dominant Wife Spanks Husband

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Being married for a more than a few years, a woman learns to accept some of her husband’s faults and flaws.

But one thing I will NOT tolerate is a man who disses his wife in public and makes fun of her to his friends!

And when I caught my husband Tom boasting that he was the man of the house and I did whatever he said, it was time to do something about it – so I spanked him!

cuckold sissy maid picture
“Women Spanking Men Is The Natural Order Of Things!”

And not just some playful slapping on the butt, no, I invited my mother over, stripped Tom naked and put him across my lap for an ass burning that had him in tears for an hour!

He begged me not to do it in front of my mother, but she was there to make sure he knew that the WOMEN run this house and not him!

Next time I told him, if he does it again I’m going to buy a strapon and fuck him in the ass in front of her too! And leave the front curtains open so the neighbors can see!

(Dominant wife and damn good cook)

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Mistress Humiliates Her Sissy

Sunday, August 14th, 2011

When this Mistress gets pissed, down come her sissy’s panties for a hard ass spanking….and that’s just the START of the night’s fun!

“After I softened up his bare ass with my crop, I strap on my biggest rubber cock and bugger his stinging asshole till he screams like a little prison bitch being ass raped by his new black master….does it hurt? FUCK YEAH! I love making my sissy squeal and never miss a chance to bugger his brains out!”

It’s always fun when Mistress Humiliates Her Sissy and degrades him in new and kinky ways!

She knows the way!

Mistress S.
(Strapped and cruel to cucks and sissies)

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He Is Spanked By His Wife

Monday, February 14th, 2011

When you’re married to a dominant wife, you can be sure she’ll punish and humiliate you at the drop of a hat. And speaking of dropping something, this married tart thinks nothing of dropping her husband’s trousers and spanking his bare bottom with a variety of implements….

“I invited my sister over to watch me discipline my husband. When he saw she was going to be watching me put him across my lap and spank him he started crying. GOOD! The more shame and humiliation that bastard feels, the better! I might be cruel but a spanked husband is an obedient husband!”

Watch how He Is Spanked By His Wife and made to feel the sting and shame of her awful wrath!

Serves him right!

(I spank my husband too)

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Spanked By Mom

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

All mothers know that one has to frequently spank and discipline a naughty boy, but how many times must a mom spank a grown son or son-in-law – often in front of his wife?

And how sexually humiliating for the man to have his trousers and underpants taken down, put across a grown woman’s lap and his blushing bare bottom spanked till it’s red and stinging!

spanked by mom picture
You’re Not Too Old For Mom To Spank!

It’s true that many men often pay Mistresses to spank them like a child, but what about when it’s not “requested”? Is it a thrill then? Or an embarrassment that the unlucky male would pay dearly to have forgotten and never mentioned?

What would you do? Would you CRY if mommy spanked you?

Miss Tawny
(I spank ALL naughty men for fun and profit)

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