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Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Recently a male I picked up to amuse myself with failed to understand his place and tried to rush me to the bedroom. I am the kind of woman that wants to take her time, sip some wine and get a decent massage before taking my clothes off in any casual encounter. But this hunk of dick meat tried to fondle me right before pouring the wine into the glasses! Time to teach this naughty cock a lesson! Of course, he had no idea I was a CBT Webcam Mistress or of my passion for bondage and that is why when I took out my hand cuffs he got happy and all eager – he didn’t know what was coming!

So, immediately after getting into my live sex show Mistress outfit I changed the look on my face and threw him on the bed. I bound both his hands to the bed and tied his legs with a rope. Then I sat on his chest with my ass almost hitting his chin, just so he could smell my anus and started my CBT session – one which ended with him screaming for mercy as I trampled and crushed his cock. That should teach him about being so naughty again! Click here to view my last show pics and here to view a profile and find out more about me and my live shows

“I Also Enjoy A Hot Pussy To Play With!”

Bisexual and bitchy? LOL! You’ll just have to come and SEE!

“Now, take your cock out and show Mistress how much you love her divine body!”

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